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Tour details:

Price: 250 €
Duration: 3 hours
Ages: All ages
Group size: 1-8
Meeting point: In front of Hotel Forum Via Tor de Conti 25, 00184 Roma
What to bring: There is a moderate amount of walking involved so please wear comfortable shoes.
Tickets: Adults 32 euro – Kids 20 euro

Colosseum and Roman Forum tour

Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour: The Art of the Ancient Rome

The Colosseum: A Brief History

One of the most famous buildings of the Roman era is certainly the Flavian amphitheater, better known as the Colosseum. This building, built for the entertainment of the Roman people, was built in the first century AD by order of the emperor Vespasian Flavius from whom it takes the name of Flavian Amphitheater.

Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour

Your guide will help you discover the history, secrets, and anecdotes of the Colosseum. You will see the hypogeum, wooden floor, and museum with archaeological finds. The scenic walk in the corridor offers the perspective of over 50,000 spectators.

The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

At the end of the visit of the Colosseum, the guide will take you to the heart of ancient Rome by visiting the Roman Forum, once the center of political and religious life and administrative point of the city, and the Palatine Hill, the place where ancient Rome was founded and where the imperial palace was erected.
The remains of public buildings, such as the Basilica Emilia, the basilica Julia, the basilica of Maxentius, the pavement of the Augustan age, the temple of Antonio Pio, Staturno and Vespasiano are just some of the main Roman buildings that you will visit during the tour.

The Legacy of Ancient Rome

Most of these buildings, especially the palatine, with the imperial palace, were used as a quarry due to the inestimable value of the materials used, such as marble and travertine. most of these materials ended up in the hands of the popes, in the churches and noble palaces built during the Renaissance and the Baroque.

Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour Itinerary

  • Colosseum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Roman Forum


  • Is the Colosseum and Roman Forum a private tour?

Yes, we provide only private tour, so just your party and your guide in the tour.

  • Do I have private transportation to the Colosseum included in the tour?

No you don’t, being a walking tour there is no private transfer included in the tour, however it can be requested at the price of 50 euro.

  • Where do I meet my guide?

We meet our clients at the Hotel Forum, Via Tor de Conti 25. This Hotel is right in fron of the entrance of the Roman Forum, just 2 minutes walking from the entrance of the Colosseum.

  • How do I get my entrance tickets?

We will take care of this, we will ask you for a payment of  the total amount of the tickets price as tickets are not refundable

  • Do tickets include skip the line?

Yes you will get directly to the entrance. Note that sometimes also skip the line tickets holders can line up few minutes due to the big amount of people visiting the sites.